20th January 2017 

Counselling & Psychotherapy near Crowborough and Rotherfield

Welcome to the website of Bill and Maggie Austin.

We work as Counsellors and Psychotherapists on the border of East Sussex and Kent.

Our Counselling & Psychotherapy practice is near Crowborough, East Sussex, within easy reach of Rotherfield, Heathfield, Mayfield, Frant, Mark Cross and Tunbridge Wells.

We are both psychotherapists and counsellors who are highly experienced in working with people who are struggling with issues such as depression or just a general sense of unhappiness with life. Perhaps relationship or family problems, feelings of anxiety, bereavement, illness, difficulties at work, eating problems, past traumatic experiences, and couples experiencing difficulty in their relationship. Maggie has a particular interest and experience in working with families, couples and individuals with eating disorders. Bill has a particular interest and experience in personality disorders, particularly narcissism and borderline personality disorder.

There are a lot of mixed messages in the media and our society in general about what exactly counselling/psychotherapy is, and what might be involved in seeking this kind of help. We are so used to our British 'stiff upper lip' 'pull your socks up' stereotypical approach to emotional and psychological problems, that thinking about doing anything other than 'getting on with it' is often mocked or derided as weakness.

This is absolutely not the case, often it can be the hardest and bravest thing we can do and requires as much strength and commitment as the alternative of having to drag our accumulated emotional 'baggage' through our present life and wondering why it just isn't working out the way we planned and dreamed.

Do go to the 'About counselling' and 'FAQ' pages before you leave the site where we have tried to demystify it a little and to answer some of the questions we have asked or been asked by clients over the years.

If you have any questions we have not addressed here you may call us or send an e-mail info@therapywestlondon.co.uk and we will attempt to respond (if we are unable to take your call at the time do leave me a message with your number and a good time to call you back and we will do so). If we do not have the information you need we can at least help you to find your way to somewhere where you can get the answers to your particular questions.

If you need a counsellor or psychotherapist, we are within easy reach of Crowborough, Rotherfield, Mayfield, Heathfield and Tunbridge Wells.

Gable View
Argos Hill
East Sussex

Tel: Bill Austin:07850 835259 - psychotherapist and counsellor
Maggie Austin:0797 146 0121 - psychotherapist and counsellor
email: bill.austin@sky.com